Frequently asked questions

Who we are

We are the true descendants of 'Ya'ohsharal' (a noun incorrectly pronunced as Israel). We teach the original scriptures in the pure tongue of our ancestors, which is 'Ghabaray' (original Hebrew). As a remnant descended from the 'real children of Ya'ohsharal / Ya'oh-ghakab' (Jacob), we continue the legacy of the Abayonaym community, known in scholarly literature as the 'Ebionites". We call ourselves 'The Abayonaym Community' as we keep the commandments of YA'OH exactly how it was written by Mashah (Moses) himself in the pure language: Ghabaray!

Mission statement

Our aims and values are based on Thorah (the laws given to us by the Creator - YA'OH through Mashah {known as Moses}). Our mission is to fulfill the prophecy of the restoration of our language and to rebuild our nation. Our mission is to wear the Thorah of YA'OH - our Ala'aym on our hearts in order to carry out His Thorah diligently, for the pleasure and accomplishment of our covenant.

Our services

Ya'ohsharal Academy offers Ghabaray (original Hebrew) classes and the true teachings of the Thorah and Thaiodah. We encourage all our students to read the scriptures in the ancient 'Ghabaray' text as often as possible in order to become familiar with grammar, syntax, and the ancient vowel system known as 'matres lectiones'. We help our students with a step-by-step guide to solid 'research methodology' and evaluations of artifacts and their authenticity. We have enrichment videos in our 'Children's Zone' where our 'future generation and leaders' are able to learn with joy. also provides vendor space for OMPP owned businesses; a component of marketing package deals. A fantastic product/service available to take the clients' business to the next level. Please see for more details. Our visitors can find many interesting topics at We accommodate a Community Forum, Health & Fitness Blogs, Thorah and Thaiodah recitations, as well as scheduled Pocasts by various hosts, and compelling videos. For any questions about the services provided by please use our contact form and we will get back you as soon as possible. Happy browsing! Shalom.

Children's Zone

GhazYa'oh has created a platform for children to learn through visuals and music. accommodates the following features: -Fun games -Creative projects -Enriching videos -Ghabaray songs and more!




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