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As the only true mattress outlet store in town, we never know exactly which types and designs will arrive on our next shipment. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Before you head to bed tonight on a new, expensive mattress, visit Wausau Outlet to explore the almost endless mattress options offered at unbeatable prices.

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Mattress companies manufacture tens of thousands of mattresses a year.  As they inspect and package these beds they are moved throughout the warehouses and to the different retail stores.  As these beds are moved, there are bound to be times where the packaging is opened up.  Many of the beds that we sell have blemishes on them. If a person pays over $1500 for a mattress they want it in perfect condition. Many of these mattresses are very heavy and may get minor blemishes over the course of moving them between the warehouse and retail centers. So what we do is go in and buy these mattresses cheaper and resell them for up to 75% OFF or more! These blemishes have no impact on the internal structure of the mattress.



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