NOTE: We're OPEN with NO Appointment Needed Friday 10-6, Saturday 9-5 & Sunday 12-5. Monday - Thursday By Appointment.

Why Do I Need An Appointment Monday - Thursday?


We're not a retail store. We're a warehouse outlet.  We're not out to be the biggest seller of appliances. In fact, there is no "we"...just "me".  If you're looking for the expensive retail store experience with big overhead and commission sales folks, I'm probably not the kind of place you're looking for. I insist on making sure all my customers get personal service and not have to stand around and wait for someone to help them.  Lots of employees, a retail environment and being open 80 hours a week means LOTS more costs...And higher prices for you! I understand these are major purchases and my goal is to sell items for the lowest possible price.  In addition: I'm semi-retired...I really don't want to work 80 hours a week anymore!


Finally, when I don't have appointments, the heating/cooling is turned down, the lights are off and I'm probably not here...Helping to keep my costs (and your price!) even lower.



Thanks for understanding!  


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